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Artist Statement

                         My fascination with glass started as child, 

when I would collect sea glass with my mom on the shorelines of Rehoboth beach. The memory of spending that time as a kid on the beach searching, discovering objects that have washed up on the shorelines such as sea glass always inspired me, and my artwork. It is a recollection that has propelled me to discover glass as a medium to work with. Now that I am older, as I comb the beaches of Cape May where I now reside, I am discovering less sea glass and more plastics and trash that have washed up on the beaches. Witnessing this saddens me, and it has motivated me to create artwork.  Using glass, I replicate the found objects and the effects that pollution has on the environment and nature. I hope to spread the word that pollution is an ongoing problem in our oceans.

             One childhood memory of collecting sea glass with my mom has inspired me to discover as much as I can about glass as a medium. It inspires me to learn different ways to work with glass, to convey the story I want to reveal in my artwork.  Bringing awareness to the outcome of plastics and other trash floating in the oceans around the world.

"One childhood memory of searching for sea glass on the beach can create a love of all things glass"

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